Nicole is a UIUX Specialist/ Product Designer/ Innovator.



User-centered Design

Deeply understand user’s problem is the core of user-centered design. I usually think about how users can, want, or need to use the product at each stage of the design process rather than forcing the users to change their behavior to accommodate the product.

Beauty Matters

User experience design is not only about how the product works, it’s about how it feels. Product’s interface is the part communicates with users. Every pixel of it can help users understand the UX better, also get emotional attachment to the product.

Rapid Prototyping

Prototype, prototype, prototype! I do prototype at every stage of product design: user flow, wireframes and final interface design. Also, I test prototypes with the right users in the right environment, so the test results from prototyping are accurate and useful.

Sustainable Design

To avoid costly redesign/code in the future development, products from the beginning need to be designed with a strong foundation of solid patterning. Sustainable early design decisions can save tones of time and money.

Responsive Design

From desktop computer to tablet to mobile to wearable gears, there are tons of different screen sizes. A responsive user interface design can help one product achieve its maximum value. It’s also easier to update and maintain.

Atomic Design

As the craft of Web design continues to evolve, we’re recognizing the need to develop thoughtful design systems, rather than creating simple collections of web pages. This means we can break entire interfaces down into fundamental building blocks and work up from there. That’s the basic gist of atomic design.